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    This is Jenny xD

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    This is Jenny xD

    Post  Emira on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:01 pm

    Irl name: Jennifer
    Male/female: Female
    Age: 22
    Where are you from: Sweden
    Your job/school-class: University, studying Building Engineering.
    Hobbies: Play maplestory, watch TV, hang out with friends.
    How long have you played maplestory: 2,5 years
    Character name: Emira and Aversa, my active 2 characters atm :P
    Class: Dark Knight and Hermit
    Guild: UndiesPatrol and Elysium

    What's your favorite...

    Thing to eat: Sausage, noodles and pizza
    Thing to drink: Coke
    Colour: Pink
    Animal: Dog
    Sport: Badminton
    Game: Maplestory
    School Subject: Digital tools
    Band/Group: Don't have any favourite band, but I listen to alot of techno music <3
    Song: Kill 4 love
    Book/ Comic: Donald Duck
    Cartoon: South Park
    Film: Journey to the Center of the Earth
    TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory
    Quotations: Don't have any

    Random questions

    Are you afraid of someting? Insects and barking dogs
    Whats your first thought in the morning?: I don't want to wake up.
    How long does your phone ring before you get to it?: Depends, me and my siblings have a game like, who says "first not to get it" doesn't have to get it. Who says last has to get it xD.
    If you see a person of opposite gender~ what are you looking at?: His face.
    Is there something you definetly want to do in your life?: Go to China, Australia and Japan.
    Number of tattoos/peircings?: 0
    Do you have a girl/boyfriend?: No
    Do you have pets?: No
    Do you have children?: No
    What can't you live without?: My computer
    What will you do after this?: Play Maplestory!

    Any other information we'd like to now? Not that I can think of atm :P
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    Re: This is Jenny xD

    Post  Taek on Mon Jul 05, 2010 2:44 pm

    sausage, noodles and pizza is unhealthy \o/ .. joke xD
    No, you are older by a few months D<

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    Re: This is Jenny xD

    Post  xLudde on Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:54 pm

    Emira wrote:
    Animal: Dog

    ewww, cats <3 xD

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    Re: This is Jenny xD

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