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    Big Bang update.

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    Big Bang update.

    Post  Kubo on Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:58 am

    I've made an excel file for the Post-Revamp DPM. I know it's not correct, stop bashing me for it. This is just for reference as it happens to be now. If you think it's incorrect, don't open it, but also don't PM me/post here. I've had enough of it. I've not added defence for example, which will make mostly DKs stronger, and please be aware that this damage on bosses will be reduced by 25%, on normal monsters by 10%.

    I've updated it 5-7-10, and here are some pictures of the DPM list:

    No Buffs
    All Buffs

    The characters are level 200, all neccessary skills maxed, fully 60%ed equips, and +14 atk (2 30%, 4 60%) weapons. They have the best adventurer rings for their job (which turns out to be Critical ring for w.atk classes, magical ring for mage classes, but this is probably incorrect as the effect of adv. rings on MinCritRate is unknown for now). Hero/Paladin have NRW, DrK has Sky Skii, Mages have the highest level ele wand/staff, Bishops have Reverse staff.

    AGAIN a new patch

    A new patch has been in KMST. There have been some more skill changes, I have updated those.... and a new consume item that EVERYONE will get:

    SP reset!

    It resets all SP. Appearantly, it got changed to just reset everything to 0.


    The release date for when this comes to KMS is known. Three patches after each other. Called the "Maplestory Big Bang" ( Trailer).

    The first patch is shockingish soon: In ONE week, nexon will bring the revamp to KMS. The date is planned on 8 July 2010. This first patch is called "The Initial Changes".

    Nexon thought of a nice story along with this though. There is a nice comic about this, credits for it go to spadow this time ^^ And their will be 3 patches pretty fast after each other.

    The story is that black mage made all those changes to victoria island and the monster levels, and that the jobs became stronger because of that.

    The other 2 patches will be that the Resistance Class is coming out 22 July (patch is called "The Movement against the Black Mage"), and another patch will be 12 August, probably including the Mechanic Job (called "Reinforcements")

    Interesting picture about the Resistance!

    I like this =3

    If you want to prepare for this patch, do NOT add ANY points in DEX if you're a warrior. DEX will play a VERY little role on the amount of MISSes once you're at or above the monster's level. Dexless really seems to overpower regdex. If you're a mage... Add LUK a bit. You'll need it. I do not know how much, just that you need it.

    News on Damage System and Accuracy System

    Damage System

    The formulas for the damage ranges in KMST 1.2.321 are known. Here is what it is:

    Max:Multiplier*((Main stat*4)+Secondary stat)*(Attack(or M.Attack)/100)
    Min:(Base mastery+Mastery skills)*Max

    There are a couple of things I need to point out:
    Main stat is... well the main stat. For warriors: STR, for bowmen: DEX, for mages: INT, for brawlers: STR, for gunslingers: DEX, for thieves: LUK.
    Secondary stat is... the secondary stat. For warriors: DEX, for bowmen: STR, for mages: LUK, for brawlers: DEX, for gunslingers: STR, for thieves: STR+DEX.

    The Multiplier depends on your type of weapon. Here's a list of weapons and multipliers:
    1H Sword--1.10
    1H Axe-----1.10
    1H BW------1.10
    2H Sword--1.29
    2H Axe-----1.27
    2H BW-----1.27

    The base mastery (for min. dmg) is 15% for ranged chars, 20% for close combat chars and 25% for mages. Normal mastery gives another 50% (all jobs).

    I have been testing a bit with lv 200 character's stats, and I found out that the damage ranges were ON AVARAGE raised by 53%. The least being Hero/Paladin (23%), the highest being Night Lords (a whopping 134%, so yes, that's more then doubling your current damage ranges, you NLs ^^).

    I also have a list of DPM, but I will not be posting it untill I know how Criticals work, and what I did wrong at corsairs/buccanneers (as they end up WAY to high now).

    Critical System

    The new critical system is something interesting. First of all, everyone starts with 5% chance to hit a critical. Base. This can be increased by skills like holy attractions, Critical Combo and Sharp Eyes (just naming a few). The damage is a little different from what it's now. The description says that the damage lies between 120% Minimum Critical Damage and 150% Maximum Critical Damage. If you just do (DmgWihoutCrits * AvgCritDmg), it does not go smoothly with what we've been seeing in the videos. There must be something else, but we don't know what. Then the skills. There are a lot of skills that have in their description and in the WZ files that it adds to Minimum Critical Damage. There is however, no single skill that says it adds to Maximum Critical Damage. If the skills were really only to add to MinCritDmg, then you soon get a MinCritDmg that's higher then a MaxCritDmg. I guess that's wrong, but we don't know anything more about it. The only thing we know now from observing videos is that Crits do not add as much damage as they do now. Crits will NOT be so overpowered anymore, SE will NOT be so wanted anymore, same for Thorns.

    I will update this when I know more.

    Monster Defence System

    Monsters got a new variable in the WZ files which says how much % damage is reduced from your attack.
    This variable comes in 3 forms:
    10, so -10% on ALL your attacks. This applys for almost every normal monster.
    20, so -20% on ALL your attacks. This applys for some normal monsters.
    25, so -25% on ALL your attacks. This applys for ALL major bosses (from Mushmom to PinkBean).

    Accuracy System

    It is confirmed that mages need LUK to hit stuff.
    For non-mages, it seems like accuracy/dex plays a VERY small role in the % of misses. The thing that counts mostly, is the level difference. Warriors one level under the mob miss (almost) everything, while dexless warriors without equips can almost 100% hit monster of their own level or lower-level mobs.
    Thus, this patch IS killing LUKless mages, but is NOT killing dex-less warriors.

    KMST 1.2.319, 1.2.320 & 1.2.321

    Main things:

    Exp needed to levelup is nerfed beyond recognition. More then 50% of the exp is cut off. The exact exp to level up for each level remains unknown to me, as it's not just -x% for each level. For level 199-200, f.e., the exp compared to GMS's exp is less (or if you take lv 152, in GMS it's 131m, in KMST it's 66m), but for lv 10-11 it's actually 100 exp more (1244 instead of 1144).
    New formulas for EVERYTHING (min/max hit, avoid, def, accuracy etc, etc, It makes mages need LUK most probabaly)
    All of the attack skills for mages now no longer have a basic attack value and instead have a % that will be used with the new magic damage formula. So also mages now can really SEE their min/max hit. Things like gene hit 1100% ^__^
    NEW max hit: 999k instead of 199k (ZOMGPROZORZ) Picture =D
    Lots of other skills are removed too, like HP increase. However, nexon made it so that warriors get more HP from leveling up. Result: same HP (more or less) at level 200.
    Level of some monsters is drastically changed (Coolie/Miner zombies at level 130, Skeles at level 153)
    Max level for all PQs is level 200 (not competetive PQs like CPQ/CPQ2, sorry forgot to add this =P)
    Resolution change (a new widescreen option is added. Pic: Pic of resolution change
    New UI: Pic of new UI / gene cooldown
    Victoria island has a new world map: Picture of it (it got changed a TINY bit in KMST 2.1.322)
    Monster cards are here to stay, they're just removed from KMST untill the new monster's stats are placed on the monster cards.
    Change in Family System. Instead of 2x party, there is only 1.2x party now. Family bonding is 1.5x D=

    Exp reduction

    Okay, this is what I've found out from all the screenie's i saw from KMST.
    Level | GMS exp | exp without EXP curve | KMST exp | % exp of what it's now in GMS | % exp of what it's now in versions without EXP curve | Source

    10 | 1144 | 1716 | 1244 | 109% | 72% | Source
    52 | 631k | 789k | 129k | 21% | 16% | Source ( WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF )
    91 | 5,06m | 6,32m | 1,51m | 30% | 24% | Source
    152 | 131m | 163m | 66,9m | 51% | 40% | Source
    162 | 223m | 279m | 127m | 57% | 46% | Source

    Mob Changes

    These are some changes in the monsters (yea, some: more or less all monsters were changed). The top line is what it's currently is in GMS, the bottom bold part is what it is in KMST now.

    Credits to runepl8user for compiling info.

    Dark Stump - Level: 10 HP:250 EXP:18
    Level: 10
    HP: 125
    EXP: 18

    Desert Rabbit (F) - Level: 20 HP: 350 EXP: 32
    Level: 67
    HP: 8,500
    EXP: 294

    Desert Rabbit (M) - Level: 21 HP: 400 EXP: 34
    Level: 68
    HP: 9,000
    EXP: 307

    Jr. Cactus - Level: 22 HP: 450 EXP: 37
    Level: 70
    HP: 10,000
    EXP: 332

    Wooden Mask - Level: 23 HP:500 EXP:42
    Level: 28
    HP: 720
    EXP: 57

    Trixter - Level: 23 HP: 450 EXP: 42
    Level: 47
    HP: 2,640
    EXP: 131

    Zombie Mushroom - Level: 24 HP:500 EXP:42
    Level: 15
    HP: 250
    EXP: 28

    Sand Rat - Level: 24 HP: 600 EXP: 55
    Level: 77
    HP: 19,000
    EXP: 552

    Scorpion - Level: 29 HP: 780 EXP: 58
    Level: 81
    HP: 27,000
    EXP: 740

    Ice Sentinel - Level: 30 HP: 900 EXP: 55
    Level: 39
    HP: 1,800
    EXP: 101

    Drum Bunny - Level: 30 HP: 950 EXP: 60
    Level: 52
    HP: 3,400
    EXP: 155

    Fire Boar - Level: 32 HP: 1,000 EXP: 60
    Level: 26
    HP: 580
    EXP: 50

    Ligator - Level: 32 HP: 1,200 EXP: 60
    Level: 21
    HP: 405
    EXP: 39

    Fire Boar - Level: 32 HP: 1,000 EXP: 60
    Level: 26
    HP: 580
    EXP: 50

    Helmet Pepe - Level: 32 HP: 850 EXP: 71
    Level: 33
    HP: 1,200
    EXP: 93

    Jr. Wraith - Level: 35 HP: 1,200 EXP: 70
    Level: 13
    HP: 200
    EXP: 24

    Cherry Bubble Tea - Level: 35 HP: 1,400 EXP: 80
    Level: 32
    HP: 1,100
    EXP: 88

    Toy Trojan - Level: 39 HP: 1,920 EXP: 92
    Level: 57
    HP: 4,600
    EXP: 190

    Zombie Lupin - Level: 40 HP: 1,800 EXP: 90
    Level: 28
    HP: 720
    EXP: 57

    Robo - Level: 41 HP: 2,000 EXP: 99
    Level: 61
    HP: 5,900
    EXP: 226

    Flyeye - Level: 41 HP: 1,600 EXP: 95
    Level: 122
    HP: 109,000
    EXP: 2,290

    Mossy Snail - Level: 42 HP: 2,400 EXP: 102
    Level: 76
    HP: 17,000
    EXP: 504

    Jr. Cerebes - Level: 43 HP: 2,300 EXP: 102
    Level: 123
    HP: 111,000
    EXP: 2,320

    Female Mannequin - Level: 44 HP: 2,400 EXP: 125
    Level: 39
    HP: 1,800
    EXP: 101

    Master Chronos - Level: 46 HP: 2,600 EXP: 115
    Level: 75
    HP: 15,000
    EXP: 455

    Latest Hits Compilation - Level: 46 HP: 2,600 EXP: 130
    Level: 41
    HP: 2,000
    EXP: 109

    Mummydog - Level: 47 HP: 2,750 EXP: 117
    Level: 32
    HP: 1,100
    EXP: 74

    Rombot - Level: 47 HP: 11,000 EXP: 720
    Level: 68
    HP: 90,000
    EXP: 3,070

    Jar - Level: 47 HP: 2,700 EXP: 117
    Level: 91
    HP: 47,000
    EXP: 1,170

    Jr. Yeti - Level: 50 HP: 3,700 EXP: 135
    Level: 45
    HP: 2,400
    EXP: 123

    Straw Target Dummy - Level: 50 HP: 3,000 EXP: 135
    Level: 82
    HP: 29,000
    EXP: 786

    Stone Golem Level: 55 HP: 4,000 EXP: 170
    Level: 20
    HP: 375
    EXP: 37

    Dark Jr. Yeti - Level: 56 HP: 4,400 EXP: 180
    Level: 46
    HP: 2,520
    EXP: 127

    Coolie Zombie - Level: 57 HP: 4,500 EXP: 190
    Level: 132
    HP: 145,000
    EXP: 2,910

    Red Drake - Level: 60 HP: 6,000 EXP: 220
    Level: 54
    HP: 3,800
    EXP: 167

    Yeti - Level: 65 HP: 11,000 EXP: 255
    Level: 117
    HP: 99,000
    EXP: 2,130

    Master Soul Teddy - Level: 67 HP: 11,000 EXP: 265
    Level: 98
    HP: 61,000
    EXP: 1,450

    Kru - Level: 68 HP: 12,500 EXP: 265
    Level: 103
    HP: 71,000
    EXP: 1,640

    Werewolf - Level: 75 HP: 16,000 EXP: 350
    Level: 127
    HP: 120,000
    EXP: 2,470

    Harp - Level: 80 HP: 27,000 EXP: 850
    Level: 109
    HP: 83,000
    EXP: 1,860

    Blood Harp - Level: 83 HP: 30,000 EXP: 1,100
    Level: 112
    HP: 89,000
    EXP: 1,960

    Goby - Level: 85 HP: 17,000 EXP: 1,400
    Level: 91
    HP: 47,000
    EXP: 1,170

    Red Kentaurus - Level: 88 HP: 37,000 EXP: 1,600
    Level: 118
    HP: 101,000
    EXP: 2,160

    Master Death Teddy - Level: 89 HP: 40,000 EXP: 1,720
    Level: 116
    HP: 97,000
    EXP: 2,100

    Bain - Level: 90 HP: 45,000 EXP: 1,800
    Level: 136
    HP: 165,000
    EXP: 3,250

    Memory Monk - Level: 91 HP: 41,000 EXP: 1,900
    Level: 142
    HP: 195,000
    EXP: 4,488

    Spirit Viking - Level: 93 HP: 50,000 EXP: 2,100
    Level: 122
    HP: 109,000
    EXP: 2,290

    Red Wyvern - Level: 97 HP: 53,000 EXP: 2,500
    Level: 134
    HP: 155,000
    EXP: 3,080

    Memory Guardian - Level: 98 HP: 53,000
    Level: 146
    HP: 215,000
    EXP: 4,872

    Grim Phantom Watch - Level: 99 HP: 60,000 EXP: 2,800
    Level: 124
    HP: 113,000
    EXP: 2,360

    Shark - Level: 100 HP: 56,000 EXP: 3,000
    Level: 105
    HP: 75,000
    EXP: 1,710

    Jr. Newtie - Level: 105 HP: 68,000 EXP: 3,800
    Level: 145
    HP: 210,000
    EXP: 3,980

    Skelegon - Level: 110 HP: 80,000 EXP: 4,500
    Level: 147
    HP: 220,000
    EXP: 4,140

    Nest Golem - Level: 110 HP: 80,000 EXP: 8,050
    Level: 150
    HP: 235,000
    EXP: 4,370

    Skelosaurus - Level: 113 HP: 85,000 EXP: 4,750
    Level: 153
    HP: 260,000
    EXP: 4,780

    Oblivion Monk Trainee - Level: 124 HP: 123,000 EXP: 6,150
    Level: 162
    HP: 350,000
    EXP: 7,452

    Chief Oblivion Guardian - Level: 131 HP: 141,000 EXP: 7,060
    Level: 166
    HP: 390,000
    EXP: 8,184

    Skill Changes

    Okay, these are the skill changes as it looks like now:
    Bold is upgrades, normal is downgrades.
    Italics shows that it was added/changed in the 2nd or 3rd patch, patch 1.2.320, 1.2.321, 1.2.322 & 1.2.323


    BoS now gives each level +1 atk, +1 acc, avoid and +1 M.Atk (instead of +2)


    All masteries now give 60 accuracy at max level.
    Boosters of 2 kinds (Axe/sword for example) are turned into 1 booster. This is the same with charges and so.
    FA activates with all skills, including skills like Brandish, Coma, Panic, Rush and Monster Magnet, NO DELAY ON FA!
    All Final Attacks are now 150% at 40% chance (Video of brandish + FA)
    New skill: Ground smash does a great deal of damage (300% dmg at max) for small mobs (3 at max) (Picture/PictureIngame and a video =D ).
    Enhanced basic adds 120% and 70% damage to Power strike and Slash blast respectively (2nd job skill)
    Iron body now gives 200 DEF instead of 40 at max level.
    Monster Magnet stuns for at most 5 seconds now, cooldown removed.
    Rush hits upto 15 monsters now, instead of 10.


    - Rage gives 20 W.ATT
    - Power Guard now returns 50% of the damage instead of 40%.

    - Shout damage increase from 30% to 220%
    - Coma damage increase from 200% to 360%
    - Combo Attack gives +5% damage for each orb at max level.
    - Panic damage increase from 350% to 480%, 90% Chance to blind.
    - Brandish is a 3rd job skill, albeit a bit weaker (220%) but still hits 3 mobs (yes I was wrong on this).
    - Armor Crash now has a large 300% range and a mob count of 10.

    - New skill: Brave slash deals 200% damage to 3 monsters, attacks 3 times (Video, this was 1.2.319, in 1.2.321, the range is reduced and the delay reduced too (which is positive ^^), but in 1.2.322, the delay was improved again, making it a pretty bad skill, worse than brandish. No idea if this got changed in 1.2.322b.)
    - Advanced Combo Attack gives at max level +10% per orb.
    - Enrage buff increase from 26 W.ATT to +50% damage on a single target (just like how Homing works), duration decreased from 240 to 180 seconds.


    - Iron Will now gives 300 DEF and 100 MDEF instead of 20/20.

    - New skill: Dragon Judgment gives Dragon attacks passive Critical damage (30% chance at max level) together with a raise of 30% of the minCritical and a chance of drain effect (10% chance of drain, drains 5% of damage)
    - Dragon Fury damage increased from 250% to 360%
    - Sacrifice damage increase from 350% to 650%. Now ignores W.DEF
    - Dragon Roar HP consumption from 30% to 20%, damage from 240% to 280%
    - Dragon Blood buff increase from 12 W.ATT to 25 W. ATT, time increased to 200 seconds.
    - Power Crash now has a large 300% range and a mob count of 10.

    - Berserk (now called Dark Force) only gives +60% if your HP is more than 30% of Max. It also adds a 4th attack to Crusher.
    - Crusher and Fury get a red animation when the character is level 120+
    - Beholder gives 20% mastery instead of 10%.
    - Hex of Beholder now gives 40 W. ATT and 120 ACC, avoid and 300 (M)Def.
    - New skill: Beholder's Revenge: Reflects 700% of damage received.
    - Beholder summon duration is now 20 minutes

    - Spear Fury damage decreased from 170% to 150% (Dragon Crusher)


    - Power Guard now returns 50% of the damage instead of 40%.
    - Threaten now reduces damage taken by 30% and decreased enemy’s defence by 30% (instead of the old 20%

    - NEW SKILL: Combat Orders. Increases all of the party members’ skill levels by 2 (only applies for 3rd/4th job skills). (So if a WK with this skill partys with f.e. a crusader with lv 28 brandish, and then the WK turns this skill on, the brandish becomes lv 30)
    - Charged Blow damage increase from 250% to 370%, only hits 4 monsters, but a GIANT range; total delay is 600ms.
    - New Skill: ‘Restorive Nation’: Gives 80% of MaxHP for 10MP with 30 seconds cooldown at max level, max level reduced to 10.
    - Fire Charge’s damage increased to 135%.
    - Lightning and Ice Charge’s damages increased to 130%.
    – All charges are 100% elemental
    - Magic Crash now has a large 300% range and a mob count of 10.

    - ACB damage increased to 460% at max, gives mastery (70% at max level, just for this skill).
    - Blast damage increase from 580% to 700%, gives a chance to crit (50%), gives +20% minimum critical damage and ignore enemy defence by 20%, has a 15% chance of Instant Killing the enemy (no bosses) and it’s range is increased.
    - New Skill: ‘Bossing Armor’: Seems to stop the next 5 attacks from dealing damage at max level, cooldown time of 30 seconds.
    - Heaven’s Hammer’s damage increased to 1100% from 900%, but cooldown increased from 20 to 40 seconds.
    - Guardian's probability increased by 10% at all levels.
    - Holy Charge changed to 145% damage


    All ultimates got a cooldown of at least 30 seconds (that's at max level)
    They got a mastery skill in 2nd job.
    - Big Bang now attacks 6 enemies 5 times each. Damage decreased to 290%. Picture!
    All mages got some skill in 4th jobthat gives buffs +50% duration time.
    It looks like there's a new magic accuracy formula that requires LOADS of LUK to work. Good-bye to LUKless mages?
    At max level, Infinity recovers 10% HP and MP every 4 seconds and all attacks increase by 10% for 40 seconds, cooldown 4 minutes
    At max level, Mana Reflections returns 1000% damage instead of 200% damage.
    All mages get Teleport Mastery, which increases Teleport Distance and has a 30% chance to deal 250% damage to 6 enemies and stun them for two seconds at max level, it’s changed to an active skill with a new animation.
    Energy Bolt is now stronger than Magic Claw(280% vs. 120% x 2, but it looks like Magic Claw can hit 2 mobs now =D)
    Magic Armor now gives 120 magic and weapon defense instead of 40 weapon defense.
    Improving Max MP Increase and MP Recovery Removed removed. (The MP got on each levelup stays the same as before and after this revamp though)
    New MP Increase skill that permanently increases MP by 20% at max.


    - Heal gets a new animation (Effect and Affected) and is now a holy attack
    -Bless give 60 accuracy and avoidability and 120 magic and weapon defense, together with 15 ATK and M.ATK (which makes it better then rage D=)

    - Shining Ray's damage increased to 420% damage. Range increased to 170% (horizontally). An 80% chance for stun added.
    - Elemental Resistance went from 50% down to 40% at max level.
    - New skill: Holy Attractions, which increases increases magic attack and permanently increases critical rate to 50% at max level.
    - Summon Dragon's damage increased to 310% at all levels.

    - Genesis’ damage increased by 100%, has a 20% chance to crit (thus giving bishops while using gene a 5+50+20=75% chance to hit crits with it).
    - Bahamut's damage increased to 230% at all levels.
    - Angel Ray now attacks up to 4 enemies. Damage increased to 630%. The range is pitiful (120% Range).
    - Holy Shield gives 40% Immunity from Holy Attacks.
    Resurrection max lvl decreased to 5, still with 30 minute cooldown.

    F/P Wizard/Mage/Arch Mage

    - Poison Breath’s DoT lasts for 10 seconds (from 6)
    - Slow now reduces 80 speed for 80 seconds instead of 40 speed for 40 seconds.
    - Elemental Reset added, 100% reset at max level (10)
    - Element Amplification is now 150% of the m.atk for 160% of the MP (instead of 140% of m.atk for 200% of MP)
    - Explosion increased by +140% at all levels
    - Poison mist changed to 130% damage, but DoT greatly increased to 160 for an extra 7 seconds.
    - Poison rate for Element Composition went up to 110% (DoT) from 70%, damage changed to 400%.

    - Partial Resistence went down to 60% from 70%
    - Fire Demon's DoT variables are now set. At max level, DoT set to 110, DoTinterval set to 1, and DoTTime is set to 15.
    - Paralyze range increased to AoE 200% (largely horizontal). Attacks up to 6 enemies. DoT set to 160, DoTinterval set to 1, and DoTTime set to 5. Damage changed back to 600%.
    - Meteor Shower's damage increased to 1450%, but a DoT is added (220% damage per second).

    I/L Wizard/Mage/Arch Mage

    - Slow now reduces 80 speed for 80 seconds instead of 40 speed for 40 seconds.
    - Thunderbolt hits 3 times now on 6 monsters.
    - Ice Strike damage increased to 390%.
    - Element Amplification is now 150% of the m.atk for 160% of the MP (instead of 140% of m.atk for 200% of MP)
    - Thunder Spear can stun for 5 seconds now (80% chance of stunning) and hits 5 times, damage increased to 140%.

    - Ice Demon's DoT (Damage over Time) variables are now set. At max level, DoT set to 100, DoTinterval set to 1, and DoTTime is set to 15.
    -Elemental Composition’s damage increased to 460%
    - Chain Lightning's damage increased to 720%. Mob count changed to 3 again. Has a chance to hit a critical with 15%.
    - Blizzard's damage increased to 1400%, does DoT (205% damage per second).
    - Partial Resistence went down to 60% from 70%
    - Elemental Reset added, 100% reset at max level (10)


    Arrow blow hits 3 monsters (!) with 190% damage at max level.
    Enhanced Basics adds 60% to double shot and 100% to arrow blow (2nd job skill).
    No minimum range to attack (just like the Gunslingers update!)
    Eye of Amazone’s max level reduced to 5 from 8.
    Focus gives 80 accuracy and avoid at max level instead of 20.
    Power Knockback has a 100% KB rate at max level.
    Soul arrow’s max level reduced to 10 from 20.
    - Sharp Eyes still gives 15% Critical rate, but with +30% Critical Damage.
    - Final attack is 150% at 40%


    - Arrow bomb damage increase from 150% to 230% damage.
    - Power Knockback damage increased to 280%.

    - Thrust's max level decreased to 10, giving the same 30 Speed.
    - New skill: ‘Dodge’: something vague with attack or defense increase or so… I really have no clue, only that it’s 20% at max level ^^
    - Puppet's HP increase from 6000 to 8000
    - Inferno's damage increase from 160% to 450%
    - Arrow rain hits 10 monsters with 400%
    - Strafe damage increase from 100% to 150%
    - Silver Hawk’s damage increased by 50% at all levels
    - Mortal Blow’s animation changed.

    - New skill: “Marksmenship”: Passive skill that ignores the defence rate of the enemy.
    - New skill: ‘Vengeance’: Can KB the monster from close, stun it and hit the surrounding monsters with 320% (I thought also stunning them) at a 50% chance for each time a monster comes close.
    - Dragon Breath damage increase from 100% to 190%
    - Hurricane damage increase from 100% to 200%
    - Concentrate gives 35 attack at max level for 50% of the MP.
    - Bow Expert’s W.Atk bonus increased to 30.


    - Iron arrow damage increase from 200% to 340%
    - Power Knockback damage increased to 280%.

    - Thrust's max level decreased to 10, giving the same 30 Speed.
    - Blizzard damage increase from 140% to 400%
    - Arrow eruption hits 10 monsters with 400%
    - Strafe damage increase from 100% to 150%
    - Puppet's HP increase from 6000 to 8000
    - Golden Eagle’s damage increased by 50% at all levels.
    - New skill: Ultimate Strafe: Replaces Strafe with this attack. Hits the monster with 6 arrows, each 170% damage.
    - New skill: Marksmanship ignores 10% W.DEF of monster
    - Snipe cooldown increased to 10 seconds, hits 1mil at bosses.
    - Pierce’s damage increased to 1150% (!)
    - Dragon Breath damage increase from 100% to 190%
    - Marksman Boost’s W.Atk bonus increased to 30, mastery increased to 70% from 60%.


    Nimble Body gives 60 accuracy/avoidability at max level now.
    Keen eyes mastery level decreased to 5.
    Lucky 7's damage increased to 170% (from 150%) at max level.

    Assassin/Hermit/Night Lord

    Night Lord:
    No minimum range to attack (just like the Gunslingers update!)
    - New skill: Shadow resistance increases your MAXHP 10%
    - Drain damage increased from 160% to 240%
    - Avenger damage increased from 180% to 410%
    - New skill: Shadow mirror reflects attacks at 1300%. Cannot reflect more than half of the monster's Max HP

    - Fake's succession rate increased from 30% to 40%
    - New skill: Expert Throwing Star Handling gives a 20% chance to instantly recharge 1 throwing star when attacking, also increases L7's, Drain's and 2 more attacks (i hate Korean) damage with 20%.
    - Triple throw damage increased from 150% to 250%, can ignore 15% of the enemy physical defense rate.
    - Shadow Stars duration increased to 180 seconds (from 120)
    - Ninja Ambush damage increased from 100% to 300%
    - Venom's DoT increased to 100
    - Shadow Shifter’s avoid rate decreased by 5%

    Shadow Partner damage decreased from 80% to 50%

    Bandit/Chief Bandit/Shadower

    - Savage Blow’s damage increased by 10% to 90%.
    - Steal damage increased from 130% to 300%

    - NEW SKILL! SHADOW PARTNER! Max level: 20, lasts for 180 seconds, needs summoning rock, SP’s damage rate is 50%.
    - New skill: Flash Jump! Works like Sin's FJ.
    - Assaulter damage increased from 500% to 320% three times (960%), max level reduced to 20.
    - Pickpocket master level decreased to 10
    - Meso Guard’s max level reduced to 10
    - Band of Thieves damage increased from 250% to 395%x1 (5 Enemies)
    - Meso explosion changed to do 150% per 1 meso.
    - Shield Mastery’s max level decreased to 10
    - Shadow Shifter’s avoid rate decreased by 5%

    - New skill: Greed increases all meso-related skills. Meso drop +20%, Pickpocket succession rate +20%, Meso guard ratio +10%, Meso guard meso usage -10%, Meso explosion damage increase by 40%
    - Assassinate damage DECREASED (yea, they change it too much, really…) from 600% to 560%.
    - Boomerang Step damage decreased from 500% two times to 470% two times.
    - Ninja Ambush's damage increased to 200%
    - Venom's DoT increased to 100


    - Flash Fist's horizontal range increased from 74 pixels to 110 pixels.
    - Somersault's horizontal range increased to 110 pixels.


    NOTE: The delay on almost every skill is reduced, as shown in this movie.

    - New skill: Critical punch gives 20% Critical rate.
    - Backspin blow damage increased from 240% to 310% and hits 4 enemies and horizontal range by 15 pixels
    - Corkscrew blow damage increased from 420% to 460% and hits 6 (!) enemies

    - Energy Charge: Accuracy +100, Avoidability +100, 20 W. ATT, 350% Touch damage, 90% No KB
    - Energy Blast’s damage increased by 50% (470% dmg at max level), max level decreased to 20.
    - Transform's defense increased from 40 to 60, gives 20 ATK at max level.
    - New skill: Lucky dice gives you a random buff of 180 seconds. Cooldown of 200 seconds. Gives one of the following buffs: Physical Defense +30%, MaxHP +20%, MaxMP +20%, Critical Rate +15%, Damage +20%, Experience +30%.
    - Shockwave's damage decreased to 600%, delay decreased.
    [b][i]- New skill: ”Insert random Korean things here” At max level, increases Blackspin Blow damage with 100%, Double Uppercut by 70% and Corkscrew Blow with 120%.

    - Super Transform's defenses increased from 60 to 140, gives 30 ATK at max level.
    - Barrage damage increased from 230% to 342%
    - Counter Attack doesn’t give 40 ATK anymore, but gives +15% damage

    - Double uppercut damage decreased from 290% to 215%
    - Shockwave damage decreased from 700% to 630%
    - Demolition damage remained the same at 400% 8 times, but ignores target enemy’s defense.
    - Snatch damage decreased from 600% to 570%, stun duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds, attacks 6 mobs.

    - Demolition's damage decreased from 400% to 380%.
    - Dragon Strike damage decreased from 810% to 695%, delay decreased, it got much faster.
    - Energy Blast damage decreased from 900% to 760%



    - Recoil Shot's MP cost slightly reduced to 24, damage increased by 40%.

    - New skill: Critical shot gives 20% Critical rate and damage.
    - Invisible shot damage increased from 170% to 340%
    - Grenade’s damage increased by 40%, is fire element and doest DoT.
    - Blank Shot’s damage increased from 200% to 280%, stun increased by 1 second.

    - Burst Fire’s damage stayed the same at 210%
    - Gaviota’s damage is increased by 50%
    - Flamethrower damage increased from 190% to 380%, DoT increased to 80, lasts for 8 seconds, mob count of 6.
    - Ice splitter damage increased from 160% to 340%, freeze duration increased by 2 seconds, mob count of 6.
    - New skill: Lucky dice gives you a random buff of 180 seconds. Cooldown of 200 seconds. Gives one of the following buffs: Physical Defense +30%, MaxHP +20%, MaxMP +20%, Critical Rate +15%, Damage +20%, Experience +30%

    - New skill: Counter attack increases your W. ATT by 30 at 10% chance when attacking.
    - Element Amplification increased damage by +20% at all levels.
    - Advanced Octopus's damage increased by +30% at all levels.
    - Aerial Strike's damage increased to 1150%. Cooldown is now 20 seconds.
    - Rapid Fire's damage changed to 180%. Range changed to 400.
    - Cannon increased to 300% damage with 450 range, has a 15% innate chance to crit, hit FIVE times.
    - Counter Attack doesn’t give 40 ATK anymore, but gives +15% damage
    - Torpedo's damage increased to 850% with 450 range.
    - Homing’s range increased by 50 to 400, damage increased to 400%.
    - Advanced Homing’s range increased to 400, damage increased by 60%
    - Hypotize’s success rate decreased from 100% to 94%



    - Combo Smash damage decreased from 700% to 600%
    - Body pressure rate downgraded from 60% to 40%
    - Final Charge damage increased to 200% from 90%

    - Full Swing damage increased to 140%x2 and 355% (from 110%x2 and 350%)
    - Final Toss damage increased to 350% from 110%
    - Combo Critical rate downgraded from 6% per 10 combos to 3% per 10 combos, but gives 20% base crit chance.
    - Combo Penril damage decreased from 800% to 650%
    - Rolling Spin damage increased to 280% from 120% now.
    - Snow charge massively increased (110% to 145%)

    - Combo Tempest damage decreased from 1500% to 600%
    - Over Swing damage increased to 215%x2 and 265%x2 (from 170%x2 and 240%x2)
    - High Mastery's Mastery rates increased with 5%, max is now 70%, also gives +20% critMinDmg.


    - Magic guard's % got decreased to 70% of damage into MP, instead of the old 80%
    - Ice Breath’s damage increased to 315%
    - They got spell mastery just like every other mage class (max level 10).
    - Elemental's reset's max level is 10 instead of 20.
    - Earthquake’s damage increased to 740%.
    - Fire Breath's damage decreased by -30% at all levels
    - Killing Wing's damage increased to 580% at all levels
    - Ghost Lettering damage increased to 800%
    - Chance of criticals is changed back to 30% at max level of Critical.
    - Flame Wheel’s damage increased to 720%.
    - Magic Booster's max level is now 20 instead of 15.
    - Slow's max level is now 10 instead of 15.
    - Illusion's damage decreased to 370%
    - Mastery's rate increased to 70%.
    - Elemental Amplification now is 150% damage for 150% MP instead of the old 135% damage for 180% MP.
    - Blessing of Onyx gives now 250 Def and M.Def and 40 M.atk instead of the old 100/100/50.
    - Dark Fog's cooldown stayed at 20 seconds, but damage increased to 1600%, and has a 20% chance to crit.

    Dual Blade

    Dual Blade:
    - Triple Stab damage decreased from 200% three times to 160% three times
    - Fatal blow damage decreased from 180% 8 times to 110% 8 times
    - Slash storm damage increased from 160% to 230%

    - Bloody storm damage increased from 280% to 420%
    - Mirror Imaging percentage increased from 60% to 70%
    - Flying Assaulter damage increased from 400% to 420%

    - Flash Bang’s damage increased to 160% (from 100%)
    - Final Cut damage increased from 1500% to 2000%
    - Owl Dead’s damage increased from 800% to 1000%.
    - Sudden Raid's damage increased to 1500%, is fire elemental and does DoT.
    - Monster Bomb damage increased from 1200% to 1300%, cooldown decreased to 4 seconds.
    - Chains of Hell damage decreased from 250% to 280, attacks the mob 10 times with 20% innate crit rate.
    - Thorns critical rate decreased from 35% to 20%
    - Dagger Venom's DoT increased to 100. DoT time increased to 8.


    Nothing much is known about this. At least, I have no idea about Wild Hunters. What I do know, is that Battlemages are nerfed really, REALLY badly. People saying they lost more then 50% of their damage.

    Knights of Cygnus

    Yep, these little guys got some awesome buffes too in v1.2.320:
    Dawn Warrior

    - Soul blade’s damage increased to 250% damage (from 180%)
    - Coma’s damage increased to 210% damage (from 170%)
    - Soul Driver’s damage increased to 250% (from 140%)
    - Combo Attack's damage increased to 6% per orb
    - Advanced Combo's damage increased to 5% per orb

    Blaze Wizard

    - Meteor Shower's damage increased to 1200%. Cooldown decreased by 10 seconds at all levels
    - Fire Pillar’s damage increased to 290%
    - Fire Strike’s damage increased by 20%

    Wind Archer

    - Double Shot’s damage increased to 140% damage (from 130%)
    - FA’s damage increased to 270% damage (from 250%)
    - Storm Break’s damage increased to 260% damage (from 160%)
    - Arrow Rain’s damage increased to 210% damage (from 160%)
    - Strafe's damage increased to 135% damage
    - Hurricane's damage increased to 150% damage

    Night Walker

    - Avenger's damage increased to 530%
    - Venom's DoT increased to 80
    - Triple Throw's damage increased to 210%

    Thunder Breaker

    - Flash Fist and Somersault range increased to 110 pixels

    - Transform gives 20 W.Atk at max level, duration increased from 180 seconds, cooldown increased to 320 seconds (from resp. 120 and 240).
    - Energy Blast’s damage increased to 370% damage (from 360%)
    - Shockwave's damage increased by +100% at all levels
    - Barrage's damage increased by +45% at all levels


    What this all means


    Well. Skill %s have increased. The damage cap has increased. The monster levels have increased. Skeles have 260k HP. EXP needed to lvl is decreased
    Training places will have to be changed VERY BADLY in EACH AND EVERY guide. Nothing is correct anymore, I've seen that Magatia is a full lv 60+ area (even sand rats are lv 59 or so)
    This will just mean that you will stay at the same mobs for more levels, but more or less for the same time. However, you will not stay at skeles or ToT at level 140 to 200, but your end game monster will be more around level 170.

    BIG NOTE: The skill %s say close to nothing, as the min/max damage formulas are changed too. What used to be 300% COULD be 100% now. Not very likely tho. The exact new formulas would take ages to find out.

    Critical changes

    There has been a lot of critical changes, for almost every job. However, something most of you probably didn't know yet, is that there is a BASE crit rate of 5%. For example, this mage has a crit rate (2nd row from the top) of 45%. I know that this bishop just has a +40% crit increase skill, but I think crit can be increased by a couple of other things: Crit rate from a skill, but I haven't seen a single mage skill that would give crit rates, Crit rate from equipment, crit rate by level (the last one would be really, REALLY interesting), or crit rate by LUK/INT/STR/DEX/Hands (that would be REALLY interesting then, that would mean that warriors maybe need LUK/INT for higher crit rates...). The strangest part I'm wondering about however is that there is no set Critical Damage for the skills. I think that would mean that criticals ALWAYS deal 150% or 200% or w/e of the damage.

    Map Changes

    Video's of the new Victoria Island towns; thanks to Nena (Link to her original thread) =D:

    Kerning City
    Lith Harbor
    Nautilius Port
    El Nath
    Omega Sector

    Official Patch Notice

    This is the patch note, half-good translated:
    Maple Story Test Client Ver. 1.2.318 was released.

    This patch has added the following:
    1. The game has been modified to execute better.

    - While the game is running, [ALT] + [ENTER] switches between windowed and full screen mode.

    - [ALT] + [F10] switches the screen resolution.

    800 * 600 Mode (Original) / 1024 * 768 Mode are both supported.

    - While in 1024 * 768 mode, visibility is limited in some areas.

    2. Required experience to level has been reduced.

    3. Most of the effects and levels of skills have been changed.

    4. Some of the mastery levels of skills have been changed.

    5. The main UI of the skin has been changed.

    - In resolution 1024 * 768 mode, the quickslot position will be moved to the main UI.

    - Monster book menu shortcuts are missing from the menu. (?)

    - When you click the menu button on the main UI coming [Skill Change] button to use

    You can access the keyboard settings menu. (Temporary files will be fixed soon.)

    6. Damage formulas have been changed.

    - Physical damage and spell damage is related to changing the formula. (?)

    - Defense formula has been changed for bangeoreok. (?)

    - Physics Error Correction, Magic myeongjungryul, physical hoepiyul, the magic formula has been changed for hoepiyul. (?)

    - The base critical chance with all the jobs have been added to critical damage. (?)

    - Mugibyeol skills have changed the default value. (?)

    - Archers, thieves use professional skills not played melee attacks has been fixed. (?)

    7. Provisional monster book menu has been closed.

    - Information on the monster book collection cannot be found in the character info
    1. New skills have been added to 1st job.

    [Test(?), Dawn Warrior]

    - HP increase

    [Magicians, Blaze Wizard]

    - MP Increase

    2. New skills have been added to 2nd job.

    [Fighter, Page, Spearman]

    - Ground Smash

    - Improved fundamentals

    [Hunter, Crossbowman]

    - Improved fundamentals

    [Wizard (F/P) Wizard (I/L), Cleric, Blaze Wizard, Evan]

    - Spell Mastery

    [Assassins, Cypress(?), Dualer]

    - Shadow Resistance


    - Critical punch

    - HP increase

    [Thunder Breaker]

    - HP increase


    - Critical Shot

    3. New skills have been added to 3rd job.


    - Chance Attack


    - Restorative Nation

    [Dragon Knight]

    - Judgement Dragon

    [Mage (F/P), Mage (I/L)]

    - Teleport Mastery

    - Elemental Reset


    - Teleport Mastery

    - Holy Attractions

    [Ranger, Sniper]

    - Dodge

    [Hermit, Chief Bandit]

    - Shadow Mirror

    [Marauder, Outlaw]

    - Lucky Dice

    4. New skills have been added to the 4th.


    - Brave Slash

    - Combat mastery


    - Blazing Armor

    [Dark Knight]

    - Beholder's Revenge

    [Archmage (F/P), Archmage (I/L), Bishop]

    - Master Magic


    - Benjeonseu(?)


    - Marksmanship


    - Grid(?)

    [Night Lord]

    - Experienced pyochangsul(?)

    [Buccaneer, Corsair]

    - Counter Attack

    5. Some skills have been removed.


    - Improving HP increase

    - HP recovery

    - Endure


    - Axe Mastery

    - Axe Booster

    - Final Attack: Axe


    - Panic: Axe

    - Panic: Coma

    - Shield Mastery


    - Guardian


    - BW Mastery

    - Final Attack: BW

    - BW Booster

    [White Knight]

    - Blizzard Charge: Sword

    - Flame Charge: Sword

    - Thunder Charge: Sword

    - Improve MP Recovery


    - Holy Charge: Sword

    - Monster Magnet


    - Polearm Mastery

    - Polearm Booster

    [Dragon Knight]

    - Polearm Buster

    - Polearm Crusher

    [Brawler, thunder breaker, dawn warrior]

    - Improving HP increase


    - Improving MP increase

    - MP recovery

    [Flame Wizard]

    - Improving MP increase

    [Bandit, Assassin, Dualer]

    - Endure


    - Blessing of the Amazon

    - Hp and mp gains have been modified to make up for the deleted skills

    - Weapon skills that were originally separated are now integrated, such as mastery, booster, charge, weapon skills, and final attack without weapon restriction.
    1. Some of the starting level quests, rewards experience and completion conditions have changed.

    2. Conditions changed again, to carry Directions A. quest is already completed. (?)

    3. Quest quest in progress of changing conditions, some quests(?)

    I will switch to start all states. (?)

    4. In the Quest tab, starting at the beginning of the quest list

    [My character level segment], and [the entire level segment] has been changed so you can see the selected.
    1. Level restrictions of some party quests have been changed.

    - First accompaniment (kpq): Lv.20 ~ Lv.200

    - Crack in the Dimension (lpq): Lv.30 ~ Lv.200

    - Poison Forest (efpq): Lv.40 ~ Lv.200

    - Tower of the Goddess (opq): Lv.50 ~ Lv.200

    - Pirate (ppq): Lv.60 ~ Lv.200

    - Romeo and Juliet (mpq): Lv.70 ~ Lv.200

    - Resurrection of the Hob King (enpq): Lv.80 ~ Lv.200

    2. You can use the mirror of dimension to access the party quests.

    3. Some changes were made to party quest difficulty.

    4. Quests and combat all the parties, the competition has been applied to rank content. (?)

    5. Downed the existing conditions of rank s is achieved.

    6. Ahrianteu arena has been closed.


    1. Victoria Island's terrain has been corrected.

    - Victoria Island's geography and map, map name, most have been corrected.

    - A monster batch of Victoria Island have been corrected.

    - Sleepy Wood can enter the town, but without restriction until the level of

    Entry into the dungeon area is a temporary blocked state will be modified soon.

    - To help you move between each town by taxi to the 1000 Uniform methods are. (100 methods for beginners)

    - Modify the terrain of each village and, NPC locations have been corrected.

    - Orbis, Erekat Bro want to leave the ship, six of the bus stops have been moved to the street.

    6 want to go on the road to the rope climb up a tree and you can go to stop.

    2. Come part of the Australian continent, the terrain has been corrected.

    3. World map has been corrected.

    - Victoria Island, Sleepy Wood's world map has been corrected.

    - World map, each map in the NPC, monster, you can see a list of added features.


    1. Levels of some monsters have been changed.

    - Depending on the detailed property-level changes (HP, MP, damage, accuracy, hoepiyul, etc.) has changed.

    2. Some areas have changed the appearance of monsters.

    - A world map in detail the emergence of monsters in the area over the mouse, you can find.

    3. History has changed the monsters drop items.

    4. Monsters do not drop any more monster cards.

    Oeh, thanks for the giant sticky Mr.B <3
    Credits for this go to a site i cannot say, Fiel, Mazefind, Cyanne, Sleepywood.net and
    Vibe/Pride(Link 1 and Link 2 )
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