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    Chatterbox and music



    Should we change anything?

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    Chatterbox and music

    Post  Taek on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:19 am

    The forum seems kinda dead o__o
    It's so quiet and all. One of the reasons could be the chatbox as well.
    If we replace that one with another one, which is viewable then the forum will look more lively.
    I mean the forum logs delete itself and you can't view it without logging in.

    Alternatives :

    Chatango.com = Its free, not limited. You can view it without logging in. It doesn't delete your logs automatically.

    Shoutmix.com = Looks really neat and is viewable but i think you can't change the size of the chatbox.

    For the music, I'm not sure if you can insert background music but i will try to look it up.
    I only know that you are allowed to embed music players.

    Suggesting stuff because servers are down C_C


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