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    Your Old Maple Memories (MM)




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    Your Old Maple Memories (MM)

    Post  Taek on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:24 pm

    The key-phrase of this topic is "Do you remember..."
    Basically I want you to tell me how you remembered or viewed the maple world
    when you first started. Please stay honest to avoid problems and state if it was
    EMS or GMS.

    My first GMS experience:
    I can still remember how a friend of mine referred me to GMS. The tutorial seemed
    kinda confusing since it was my first time and I kept asking people how to exit it but never realized that I had
    to click Heena ( i think it was her ). It was the one where you got that green nooby outfit and had to kill drumbunnies.
    I somehow managed to get to Kerning city where I couldn't find my own character since the street was full of maplers
    who were either walking through or just sitting there and talking. Damn that was a sea of maplers!
    I kind of stopped playing since I was lost.
    My first EMS experience:
    After realizing that they had blocked europeans, I crossed over to EMS. Things seemed
    more clearly and I spend most of my time in Perion due to my warrior job. A 2x event was going on at that time
    and a lot of people were online during that time. There were no Ossiria maps so everyone was kinda trapped on Victoria. That's why whereever you went, if city or hunting grounds, there were always a lot of maplers and you were never alone. Having NX Cash was something really rare. When they released El nath along with 3rd jobs, everyone
    went like "Ooooohh!" "Aahhhhh!" when they saw a 3rd jobber. I took another long break after I met my girlfriend back then. (No, I didnt met her in maple xD )

    Somehow its great when we get new maps but I miss the times when it was only Vic. People were a lot nicer, there weren't a lot of hackers and scammers. They even offered their help to train with you without anything in return.
    I hope we get more maplers so things wont get boring and everything is more lively.

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    Re: Your Old Maple Memories (MM)

    Post  Kubo on Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:53 pm

    lol... Ill create some too :D


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