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    [Read] Elysium Forum Rules !!!

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    [Read] Elysium Forum Rules !!!

    Post  Taek on Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:19 am

    Forum Rules and Regulations

    Flaming is a form of verbal attacks which can include, but is not limited to: sexual, discriminatory, racist, or bigoted comments. For example, one is not allowed to call another user "f*king stupid", as it is a very negative and insulting comment. Instead of using such language or comments, explain your own position on the topic without focusing your post against the user in which you have deemed worthy of such a negative comment. If you have an opposing view of the particular topic or situation, please post in a constructive manner; otherwise, you will be warned!

    Trolling/Flame Baiting

    Trolling is very much like flaming; but, instead, it's a comment that is deliberately posted to cause a disruption. Typically, these comments are made to make other members of the community upset, angry, or irritated. Some of these comments can be off-topic as well; this means, please be careful about going too far 'off-topic' as it could be considered as an attempt to troll the thread. While 'trolling' is a subjective term, there has been a basic definition given to you; so please be careful as to how you post or else it may warrant a warning (or ban, depending on how severe the comment is).

    Illegal Discussions

    Anything that would violate Nexon's Terms of Service (ToS) or User Abuse Policy (UAP) is considered 'illegal discussions'. This involves condoning hacking, third-party applications [for MapleStory or any other Nexon-sponsored game], botting, the selling of mesos and or accounts, or any cheating techniques. On top of the Nexon TOS/UAP, you must also follow International Laws; therefore, there can be no discussion of items that could be deemed as being illegal. This includes (but is not limited to): cracking, hacking, copyright infringement (for example: ROMs, emulators, and private servers), phreaking, substance abuse, and other particularly illegal things (please use your best judgment). Failure to comply with this rule will warrant a permanent ban in most cases.


    Spamming is the act of posting something that is completely unrelated to the topic, any posts within the thread or very brief responses which do not contribute to the thread whatsoever. Posting something that has no relevancy or usefulness to the thread in which you posted it in will warrant a warning. This does only apply to topics with serious discussions. Topics like Forum games do allow spamming as far as it does not break any other rules or won't be considered as obvious and disturbing spam.

    Double Posting And Bumping

    You are only allowed to make double posts in a topic that you have created and which serves of some importance like
    threads containing guides, market issues and so on. Please be aware that you are only allowed to bump it with at least an hour difference in-between, otherwise use the edit button. By no means are you allowed to double (or triple, or quadruple, and so-on) post if you are not the creator of that topic. Doing so will get you warned. There are no exceptions to the “double posting” rule.

    Objectional Material

    Any sort of Pornography is NOT permitted on these forums. We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to posting excessively violent, racist or sexually explicit materials on these forums, you will be banned for doing so. Violent material may be posted as long as you insert it between spoiler tags, as it may be seen as inappropriate to other members. When using spoiler tags, please remember to include warning or disclaimer to warn users about what's contained inside. Otherwise, you may still warrant a warning for not doing so. If you are unsure if what you're posting is objectionable or not, just post a warning/disclaimer prior to the spoiler anyways (a staff member will remove it if it is, indeed, objectionable). Please use your judgement before posting an overly violent or explicit image, if in doubt ask a moderator about it.

    Signature And Image Sizes

    The largest one particular signature is allowed to be is 600x120 (in pixels, of course). Be aware that forbidden images aren't tolerated in signatures as well and will result either in a warn or a ban, depending on the image's content. If you do receive a warning, the moderators will inform you via private message. You will be asked to change or remove your signature as soon as possible. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a ban.

    Disrespect Of Authority

    This warning is considered similar to a “flaming” warning but is mostly centered on moderator actions, judgment or activities. Our moderators were picked carefully, have a certain amount of patience and need to follow rules as well. We do not tolerate any form of verbal abuse from users and will assign this warning if this situation arises.
    Imposing moderators is forbidden as well.

    Warning Whining

    If you make a post complaining or disputing a warning in which you've received, you will be warned again! While we understand that our staff members are not infallible, it is not something that needs to be discussed in public as it creates more drama than necessary. If you do wish to dispute your warning(s), visit the Warning Despute forum and make a topic.


    E-drama is summarized as making a thread or post that incites a form of attention that is unnecessary. Posts that are about particular players, moderators, guilds, or persons are absolutely not allowed. If you want to give out warnings about a certain Mapler, please refer to the Member Zone. Topics without enough evidence (such as screen shots) will receive a warning. Stirring or starting up drama might result in a ban, depending on the cause and the negative response it will bring the guild.

    Multiple Accounts

    You are allowed to make multiple accounts, however only the name that belongs to the guild, will receive the member status. Since your IP is visible to all moderators, they will be aware of all your forum mules. If you were banned, wait out your suspension duration. Otherwise, all accounts resolving to the source will be banned. This also includes accounts made for the sole purpose of drama in attempt to avoid a ban on your 'main account'. If you made a second account for the sole purpose of bumping then the one hour waiting time applies here as well. It's forbidden to make mule accounts to bid on market topics or create any fake scenerios.

    Posting on behalf of a banned user will result in a temporary ban.

    Also the registering user is held responsible for what goes on with their account! This means that if you let your friend/sibling/whatever post on it and they break a rule YOUR account will be punished accordingly.

    Failure at Life & General Idiocy
    These two warnings are given out to users who have posted incredibly offensive or insulting material. They are stronger warnings which can result in the user being banned. Failure at life requires an existing post in order to be awarded, but general idiocy can be given with or without the user posting.

    The Search Function

    As with any forum software, we have a search function. Now, while we understand that this community is rather large and searching manually would take eons, we also don't want repeating topics when there's one just a few pages away from the 'front page'. Therefore, we ask you to use the search function as much as humanly possible. This applies to before you make a thread or a post. Failure to use the search function and making a thread/post that could had been avoided will either result in the immediate closure of the thread or a warning.


    'Necroposting' is reviving a dead (or old) thread. An 'old thread' would be considered anything older than one month without a reply. Now while there are some good topics out there, there are just as many 'stupid' ones. If you revive one of those 'stupid' ones, you'll most likely be warned. Now on the other hand, if you revive a good thread (but with a horrible reply or if you spam it), you'll also be warned. Finally, if you revive a good topic, with a good reply, it's all good. In other words, don't be petrified of necroposting; but try to be very objective in regards to what a thread would be considered prior to reviving it.

    Scammer and Hacker Related Threads/Topics

    We do not condone hacking or scamming. However it would be more suitable to send an EoI to the Nexon Europe Service instead of posting anything on the forums. Should a member of the guild belong to one of those two, feel free to create a topic about it, in order for us to determine his IGN and report him. Please be aware that we do not tolerate without any evidence. Accusations are frown upon and should always get backed up by screen shots or videos.

    Advertising And Referral Links

    Please do not advertise any site without prior approval from our Staff. We do not have anything against other MapleStory fan sites, but please ask for permission first prior to posting it. This is to ensure that the site does not contain objectionable or harmful material. Advertising in your signature in the form of non linkable images is alright as long as it doesn't break any other rules (objectionable content, sizes, etc). Referral links WILL NOT be permitted in ANY circumstances!

    Illegal Exchanges

    As already noted, we follow Nexon's Terms of Service and User Abuse Policy as well as our own rules and regulations. Nexon does not condone exchanging server to server mesos or items. An illegal transaction (IE: one that goes against the Maplestory Terms of Service) will result in a BAN.

    Reading The Stickies

    Check the threads that are stickied to the top of the forum within each section. This is because each section may (or may not) have their own additional rules to follow within that particular area of our forums. Failure to read the stickies do not make you exempt from warnings that would come from ignorance of the rules.

    Temporary Ban and Account Ban

    Moderators can, at their discretion, suspend an account at any time for an indefinite amount of time ranging from several days to permanently. Temporary bans can be either directly warned for or they can be the result of an accumulation of warnings. Account bans can occur based on the user's conduct, excessive warnings and bans can lead to a complete account ban, also participating in illegal activities that violate our ToS or Maplestory ToS can result in a ban.


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